I’m still not getting paid.

Please post your question on bitcointalk.com or Discord in the appropriate channel.

Fill out this form and paste it to where you are seeking help:
1. Paste the output of “exec getboincinfo”, “exec stakebalance”, and “exec podcupdate true”.
2. Have you been solved Rosetta/WCG tasks in the last 24 hours?
3. Are you on team BiblePay on Rosetta/WCG?
4. Are your computers on Rosetta/WCG hidden?
5. What is your name in the pool list?
6. Is your controller wallet connected to the internet 24/7?
7. What wallet version are you running?
8. When was the last time your wallet sent a PODC transaction? (Look in the wallet transactions tab.)

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Help! How do I troubleshoot (fill_in_the_blank) problem?

  1. Execute “exec getboincinfo” and make sure you have the following:
    1. CPID matches the Cross-project ID on your Rosetta profile. (https://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/home.php)
    2. Yor are on team 15044, which is team Biblepay.
    3. Your TaskWeight is above zero.
    4. Your UTXOWeight is above zero.
  1. How to troubleshoot for the items above:
    1. If there is an error when you run “exec getboincinfo”, most likely your CPID is not associated with your wallet. Please do the following:
      1. If you tried adding your Rosetta account to the wallet and you receive an error message, you either:
        1. Don’t have enough BBP(coins) in your wallet. You need at least 2 BBP.
        2. Your wallet is currently locked(encrypted), unlock your wallet first.
      2. If you just added your Rosetta account to your wallet, wait 6 blocks and try again.
      3. If you are moving the CPID from another wallet, execute “exec associate e-mail password true” and replace “e-mail” and “password” with your Rosetta account login. This will re-associate your CPID with your wallet.
      4. Remember to wait 6 blocks if you just added the account.
      5. If everyone checks out, please wait 24 hours and run “exec getboincinfo” again. If you are still seeing problems, please seek help from one of the Biblepay social channels.
    2. If your team is not 15044, go to the Rosetta website and add team Biblepay to your account. You can use the search to find the team. (https://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/team_search.php?keywords=biblepay&country=&type=0&submit=Search)
    3. If your TaskWeight is zero, go to your Rosetta account and click on “Tasks”, then “Valid”. Make sure you have tasks submitted within the last 24 hours. Also, you can not only have WCG running, this variable is determined by Rosetta tasks, not WCG.
    4. If your UTXOWeight is zero, most likely you do not have enough BBP to stake or your BBP is still being confirmed. This will happen if you made a recent transfer or PODC update. Your wallet sends PODC updates every few hours which also stakes your BBP for PoDC. What it’s doing is sending the stake to yourself which confirms you have the required amount and the amount stays in your wallet minus the transaction fee.
      1. Execute “exec podcupdate” and make sure there are no errors. You should then see an “PODC Update” entry in your transactions list. Make sure your wallet is unlocked or if you ahve enabled auto-unlock. (See the FAQ on auto unlocking.)
      2. Your BBP must have at least 15 confirmations in order to be used for staking. Execute “exec stakebalance” to see the amount available for staking. If you think the amount is incorrect, please wait 2 hours and check again.
      3. Your wallet will not send podc updates if you have zero TaskWeight so you will need to fix that first. The command will successfully execute but it will say it processed zero tasks and you will not see the “PODC Update” entry in the transactions list.
  1. Other things to check:
    1. Make sure the cross-project ID on your WCG account profile is the same as the one listed on your Rosetta profile. (https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/ms/viewMyProfile.do)
    2. Check to make sure you are on the right blockchain.
      1. Go to http://explorer.biblepay.org:3001/ and click on the hash of the most recent block. (The first row under latest transactions.)
      2. Execute “getblockhash block_number”. Replace “block_number” with the block number from step #1.
      3. See if the hash that was returned matches the block hash on the website from step #1.
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How can I automatically un-lock the wallet for staking (PoDC Updates)?

When you open the wallet it will ask you for your passphrase.

./biblepay-cli -headlesspodcpassword exec podcpasswordlength
(If your using Ubuntu PPA: biblepay-cli -headlesspodcpassword exec podcpasswordlength)

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What are some of the CLI commands I can use for troubleshooting?

exec getboincinfo
exec stakebalance
exec podcupdate
exec testvote

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I added my Rosetta account to the wallet but “exec getboincinfo” still shows no CPID found.

You have to wait 6 blocks for the CPID to be in the blockchain.

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